Schoolscapes are designers and manufacturers of playground equipment, outdoor musical instruments and outdoor amenities. These products are used in schools worldwide and also serve the needs of children in Libraries, Museums, Parks and other outdoor spaces. Increasingly the leisure and hospitality industries are recognizing the value of providing play spaces for children. Schoolscapes experienced staff are always available to answer your questions. Call us today on 315-906-0050 or email for advice and prices.

Schoolscapes Outdoor Play...

We prioritize safety

It is important for children to be able to explore and have fun in their own way. We build safe environments allowing them to do just this allowing them the best experience possible.

We promote physical fitness

Children’s fitness is important. Our projects are always designed with exercise in mind and how to optimize a space for opportunities where children can be active through their playtime.

We believe in learning through play

Children learn more rapidly in their early years and most of that learning occurs through play. Help this process by giving them a play environment designed to facilitate learning.

We recognize the importance of socialization

Our play spaces provide children with the chance to interact with each other be it through teamwork or just having fun. The playground is a great place for children to build their social skills.

We make supervision easy

In designing a play area we always ensure that children can be seen and therefore supervised by the minimum number of people from one or two points.

We are rarely beaten

Whether you need a small quiet area or a large multi-play tower unit. We love a challenge and being able to make your ideas (and ours) become a reality.

Schoolscapes specialize in outdoor play and learning for both commercial and residential settings. If you are looking for educational play equipment to add to your elementary school or community park environment, we have the full catalog of quality play products for you to consider. Our outdoor playground equipment is already in place at schools, parks, kindergartens, daycare centers and residential backyards across the USA.

At Schoolscapes Inc. we have over 20 years of experience and knowledge in creating inspirational outdoor play equipment for children. We have been transforming outdoor play settings into a space for fun, learning and adventure from New York to California. All of our products are carefully designed to give children the best start in life and inspire them develop and grow outdoors while having fun!