Bird’s Nest Swing

Swing and sway in the Original Bird’s Nest Swing, featuring NetPlay’s exclusive FlexSafe floor – a comfortable flexible linked surface designed to endure heavy use. Install between trees, to an existing structure, or anywhere suitable support can be provided. Available in a range of color choices. Ref. ADA – Americans with Disabilities.

  • Stable two-point suspension design
  • Suspension chains with premium safeguard sleeves
  • Durable anti-abrasion protection at connection points
  • Available in six attractive color combinations – see below (first color is rim color, second is seat color)

Bird’s Nest Mini Cradle Swing

Smaller in size than the standard Bird’s Nest Cradle Swing, the Bird’s Nest Mini Cradle Swing is the perfect size swing to fit just about anywhere and it’s ideal for younger children. Ref. ADA – Americans with Disabilities.

*Mini Bird’s Nest Support Posts sold separately.

Compact size
Therapy play possibilities
Complies with ASTM F2373

Bird’s Nest Cradle Swing

Either solo or in small groups, children can relax and sway in the large and comfortable Bird’s Nest Cradle Swing. Sharing a place to sit or lie down for a while provides a fun, social experience – helping children develop their social skills. The hammock-style of the swing safely cradles the occupants which makes this item ideal for children and young people with disabilities that prevent them from experiencing a traditional swing. Inclusive product Ref. ADA – Americans with Disabilities.

Bird’s Nest Tree

The Bird’s Nest Tree offers endless adventures! Each Bird’s Nest platform is set at a different height to provide an exciting climbing experience, while connecting rope ladders provide a challenging way to cross to and from each one. The Bird’s Nest Tree offers so may opportunities for creative play and role-playing games, while helping to build on children’s strength, agility and balance.

8 inch diameter steel post
4 Bird’s Nests
4 climbing ropes
4 climbing chimneys
Loop ropes and hanging ropes

Bird’s Nest Mini Treehouse

Similar to the Bird’s Nest Tree, The Bird’s Nest Mini Treehouse is the perfect option if you are looking for a way to get toddlers and young children active. Scramble up a rope net or ladder to reach the safety of the Bird’s Nest. Children will develop their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, strength and agility while having fun together.

4 inch diameter steel post with cap
2 rope ladders with PA rungs
2 climbing nets
4 foot Bird’s Nest